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About ECOP

Nowadays water is a strategic resource. Everyday we are working to provide it to you.

  • We search for water sources, transport it via pipelines or vehicles and provide it to the end users.
  • We purify sewage in order to obtain clean water.
  • We rehabilitate areas after exploiting water sources.
  • We educate about importance of water and about preserving it.

Our Services


Searching for underground water sources. Designing and developing of water intakes from both underground and overground reservoirs.


Aquatic and land. Essential for acquiring and transporing water to recipients.


Building the facilities for acquiring and purifying water after technological processes. Rehabilitation of the grounds after exploitation.


Delivering water from its source to the end user. Transport by pipelines and vehicles.


Repairing and restoring the original look and technical state of vehicles with consideration for remarks of future users.


Finding owners of collector's securities, banknotes, numismatic stamps and dealing them. Searching for vintage vehicles from all over the world.

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Mobile phone: +48 531 728 973


Location: 36-050 Sokołów Małopolski, Poland
ul. płk. Deca 2